Required Materials

You will need the following items before we begin lessons:
• Correctly sized violin and bow – your child should be able to reach his/her hand around the violin scroll and get one finger into the pegbox, otherwise the instrument is too big. I recommend going to David Kerr Violin Shop in SE Portland. They can help with sizing and other needs.
• Foam shoulder pad or shoulder rest
• Rosin
• A notebook and pen for taking notes at lessons
• Tuner (I like the Snark brand)
And the following books:
• Suzuki Violin School Volume 1, Revised Edition, WITH CD
• The American Fiddle Method Vol. 1 by Brian Wicklund, WITH CD (for fiddle
students only)
• Building Violin Skills by Edmund Sprunger (available from Shar Music Company, Amazon, or directly from the author at